Blocking it with Tilly

As per February’s rules my colour was yellow. Now it’s February and I’m still poor from Christmas so I decided to bend the rules a little and use this gold fabric I had in the stash (yellow gold geddit??!).

I was lucky enough that my lovely husband had gotten the hint at Christmas and bought me Tilly and the Buttons book. Ok so my hinting involved a neatly dictated list of items including a web address where he could buy it cheapest but anything more subtle would have been lost on him!

IMG_5961I liked this pattern for its simplicity. I even managed the collar without any swear words or unpicking  (tres unusual  for me). I did make it way too big though. Using Tilly’s measurements I was either a 4 going by my waist measurements or a 6 going by my boobs. I dithered and went for the 6 which was the wrong decision – its too loose across the bust and too wide on the shoulders. Despite that I still like it.


What I don’t like though is the length. Its too short for me to tuck into trousers. I’d have to wear a high waisted skirt to tuck this in comfortably. This is particularly weird since I normally have to adjust patterns for my short torso. Next time (and there will be a next time – potentially in chambray) I’ll make it a couple of inches longer and probably with a dip hem. That way it will look good loose with skinny jeans.

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