Lola Pants

Miss Bossy decided that my choices for this month were all monochromatic, grey, black and white, yes even my middle intial couldn’t help me get some colour.  So black it is and here are my new pants.

The pattern is Lola by StyleArc, I purchased the pdf version.  The pdf is very simple to put together, the only problem I experienced was that my printer printed the watermark logo over the pattern instead of behind it which meant that parts of the pattern outline were missing.  However I contacted StyleArc  about this and within a day they had sent me a copy that worked with my printer.

(Sorry about the bad photo, I need an assistant who isn’t a dog that likes photobombing)

This is a basic pant pattern, with an elastic waistband  and elastic at the back cuffs. The instructions for sewing are clear but basic, they assume you know how to sew and there are a few diagrams to help you. Fabric suggestions are rayon, silk, crepe or any soft fabric with drape.  I’m not sure what my fabric is as I bought it a while ago and can’t find the receipt, it is a soft fabric with a bit of drape. I stitched around the pocket opening to make it look neater though this wasn’t in the instructions. A suggested option is to sew zips into the pocket openings.

I made a size 14 but ended up upicking the waistband and cutting the elastic down to the recommended length for size 12 as the pants were too loose around the waist. I’m not totally sure about the fit of these pants but they are comfortable to wear and I think they are a good casual pant.

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