Miss Bossy demands Red

Miss Bossy comands, so I obey, and as I have only to names, first and last, my choices lay in between purple – last name, and red – first name. I like purple, there is absolutely nothing wrong with purple, but red, OH MY, Red, aaahhh, this colour is just calling my name lately, I have gotten a real craving for that lush, vibrant, dramatic, look-at-me-dammit colour I just can’t resist. I made three red pieces in the last couple of months, a coat, a dress and now my latest make….can you believe, that before, I thought this colour was just meh, okay on others, but for me, not so much.
I just love it now.

So, for this months challenge I conveniently had some red sweater knit fabric lying around, perfect for making a nice cropped jumper to combat the cold weather here. I used the bodice part of the Moneta dress by Colette, they’ve got a great tutorial for this little sweater on their site, and sewed this up in about an hour, maybe? It’s a really fast and satisfying project, to say the least.

I lengthened the sleeves and added cuffs to them, as suggested, and I should have made the neckline a little higher and the neckband wider, but otherwise I love my little red friend. The length is perfect for all my dresses, where the bodice ends at the natural waistline and if you don’t point a camera at me with flash, then the sweater is also not see-through, coz in real life you can’t actually see the dots through the red knit.

That’s all for now folks, let’s get on to the next challenge and reveal all are dirty little secrets, the naughty innards, that we so love to neglect, coz noone will ever see them, well……apart from now, when we expose everything, gaahhh, need to work on those french seams…

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2 thoughts on “Miss Bossy demands Red

  1. In the photos it looked as if the fabric has kind of a dotty structure until you said it’s just the dress underneath.
    A great sweater in a gorgeous colour. I have so many skirts that sit at the waist, but all my sweaters are longer, so I only can wear them tucked it. Love the idea of changing the look with a short sweater above a dress, thank you for this inspiration.


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