Purple as directed by Miss Bossy

Both my first name and last name were in the purple column, so I felt very bossed around this month. But, it all worked out because this is my first (deeply imperfect) sample of my new pattern, The Athena Top, and I thought I would give you a sneak peak!

IMG_9231The defining feature of this pattern is the draped raglan sleeves that wrap around the back to form an interesting drape. It is easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. Here I made it in a whisper thin knit, but I am developing a woven version for it, too. It just started testing!

IMG_9238After making this sample, I made several changes, so this is not a great representative of the final pattern, but I just really wanted to share what I was working on. I have not been able to join in The Monthly stitch for a while since I have been so busy — and I miss it! I sure enjoy reading all about your makes!

I didn’t blog about this, but if you’d like to read about other projects by me, visit my blog at www.GrayAllDay.com.


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