Geek late, guts early

Do robots count as geeky? This is a free pattern from Made by Rae for newborn baby pants or trousers. It was a one pattern piece, quick make, perfect for someone-who-needs-easing-back-into-the-sewing game kind of make.


As it is “insides out” month, you can see the pinked seams and the cute sewn in label from sewaholic.


So the robots are a late entry to geekery, to make up for it I went for making-my-insides-look-pretty early, so at least something is right. Another made by Rae, this time a Ruby. Outside first:

IMG_20150301_161935845It is another simple sew with only a couple of pattern pieces using a lovely light cotton or gauze I got from etsy. I only had a small amount I got on sale for cheap so I squeeeeeeeeezed this top out of it by cutting the inside yokes on the crossgrain. Don’t tell.

The original pattern calls for a bias-bound neckline and armholes but Rae has a fab video tutorial to line the yoke and as I am not a huge fan of making my own bias tape I went with that. Insides next:

IMG_20150301_162004013It was SO satisfying to line the yoke, such a clean look. This is the bottom of the armhole – inside! Yes, I know, go me – finished with a small scrap of bias tape. I Frenched the side seams for extra prettiness. The inside yoke is hand-stitched down with a whip stitch.


Hemmed by hand of course. Why not?

It wasn’t such a quick make after all, I reckon about 6 or 7 hours from download to final press, but when the insides are so pretty, who can complain?

It took longer because this is really a wearable muslin, I basted bits, checked the fit, then sewed. Only one adjustment in the end, a wedge out of the front piece at each front outside edge. The back sat really nicely without change.

Cost wise, including the pattern, not too bad. The pattern was $16 and the fabric about £5.

Great pattern, great instructions, normally I had pdf sticking together but I didn’t mind this time. The pattern is also a dress, I am quite curvy so I might give it a miss, but I am intending to make it up again.

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  1. Love the top, with beautiful finishing!i think for some patterns, there’s no quick way to sew them up properly, but they’re definitely worth the extra time and effort 🙂


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