Miss Bossy says RED!

Well, she says yellow or blue too, but I look like the walking dead in yellow and I do like blue, but I really like RED so I thank you Miss Bossy for this opportunity!  (and thank you for letting me post a day late!  Isn’t it Feb 28th SOMEWHERE in the world still???)

I needed (really, really needed) another cardigan and I had a lovely RED crepe knit in my stash.  I pulled out my Butterick B5789 pattern and decided I would monkey around with it and mix up view E and D.  Oh yes, I also decided that I liked the wrong side of my fabric better than the right side!!  It had a few lines in the texture of the fabric on the wrong side and it just felt right to me!

It was a quick sew, only shoulders, sleeves and side seams then it was on to attaching the bands at the hem and the neckline.  I had to adjust the bands to fit my new view D front.  I added to the length of the hem line band so it would run up to my shoulder.  I also adjusted the width of that band, tapering it slowly to half the width, up to my shoulder.  The neck line band was the correct length but I tapered it also to half the width.

This is the view E side!

This was the view D side!

I just love the RED!


Thank you Miss Bossy and the Monthly Stitch for being so nice to me in February!

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