Everything is Better in Red

I got really excited by February’s challenge. Solid colours are not normally my thing, but my colours were red and white, and I had visions of a cream shirt and a red pencil skirt, and ran out and bought a gorgeous red linen fabric for the skirt. What I forgot was that I was out of town for fully half the month, and the half that I was in town I was working rather a lot, and I’ve not made either a pencil skirt or a button-down shirt before. I got as far as the muslin of the skirt, realised I had to do some huge fitting changes, and gave up and pleated this red wool skirt instead. Hopefully, the skirt may be reincarnated as an Inside Out garment, before the month is done…


I hand sewed the entire skirt, because I was making it for an event at the weekend and originally thought I was going to take it apart and sew up as a coat later, and it’d be easier to remove the hand stitches. I’ve since decided I very much like it as a skirt, so it will remain as such – it might just get a slight refurbish. Since I thought I’d be only wearing it once, it has the first zip that came to hand, which was cream; and since I didn’t want to waste any fabric, the hem is fully 9″ deep.

Despite its intended temporary nature, I love this skirt. It’s so weighty, it hangs really beautifully, it’s lovely and warm – I think I know what I’ll be wearing if it snows this year (where I live it snows once or twice in most but not all years. So snow retains the awesome exciting factor).


And the event I made it for? Armageddon – NZ’s major nerd festival. I’ve never been before, but I’ve always known that if I did, I’d have to make a costume as well. I am firmly of the opinion that lady dwarves are not given enough love (or enough beard) so I set out to change that.


Photo taken by Dan Hardwick at the event

Just a note – I think this is the first thing I’ve ever sewn for myself in a solid colour. Solids is securely a challenge for some of us!

See you again soon.

2 thoughts on “Everything is Better in Red

  1. A beautiful skirt, I like the regular little pleats on the waistband and the colour. And you make a cute dwarf woman, I personally would wear such a lovely skirt outside a nerd con, too. Full length skirts look so great and elegant, though they are a little uncommon.


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