Rebecca in Red

Hi! This is my first post for the Monthly Stitch, so please bear with me whilst I get my bearings.

I wouldn’t normally choose a fabric without a pattern on it so I was looking forward to the challenge making me do something different. My first name and surname both have exactly the same initial, so it’s lucky that I like Red as that was the colour Miss Bossy assigned me.

I chose a jersey fabric from Plush Addict and this (free!) pattern from Craftsy. I thought it would be a simple make so I was planning to decorate it with some Pride and Prejudice quotes sewn on with free-motion embroidery. As it turned out, I spent a lot longer making the dress than I thought so that didn’t happen, and I don’t think it would have worked well on this fabric anyway.

I love the circle skirt, it balances out my figure and stops me from looking too much like a lollipop. All top no bottom, haha!

See me twirl!

I really enjoyed making this dress, the pattern was easy to follow but I did have trouble with my jersey fabric stretching. I tried really hard to avoid this happening, but it was determined to stretch right out of shape. I don’t really know why, as I’ve worked with stretch fabrics a few times before and never had much trouble from them. I ended up having to make quite a few alterations to compensate for the stretching of the fabric, which you can read about on this post on my blog if you’re interested.

I like the dress as it’s really comfy to wear and I can see myself making it again. Especially as I clearly need to practice more with stretch fabrics, haha. I do wish I had added pockets, I love a nice pocket and since the skirt is cut in two pieces it wouldn’t have been that difficult to put one in the side seam so maybe I will add that next time. The draped, cowl neckline is a favourite style of mine and really, really easy to make.

I hope Miss Bossy is satisfied.

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