Sewing Competition edition for “Denim Never Dies Challenge”

So I did make a denim clutch for the challenge but I also had a denim jumpsuit all cut out and ready to sew for the Jan  challenge but what can I say, stuff just got in the way. When I was chosen to compete in a sewing competition I knew I would use denim for the contest and to redeem myself with the monthly stitch challenge.  This was challenge #1 using a McCall’s 6953 commercial pattern. We were able to alter the pattern if we wanted to. This dress has a matrix feel if you ask me! See complete post on my blog. Thanks for those of you who did vote for me!

…DIY coming soon on the blog for those wingtip pumps! 

11 thoughts on “Sewing Competition edition for “Denim Never Dies Challenge”

  1. Wow, that pattern is amazing, so special and unusual. And oh you rock it, love the photos and your style!
    Instantly fallen in love, never thought I would need a jumpsuit until now 🙂


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