Let it Flow! An inside out dress

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited as this is my first time contributing on The Monthly Stitch (even though I have been following it for months)!

What a stroke of luck this months challenge was all about the insides, as I personally have been working on finishing my seams and trying to get a more professional look with my garments.  I had been given many yards of this very sheer fabric, so I thought it was time to put those french seams skills to use.

Dress material

The pattern I chose was a Butterick ivy + blu pattern #B6021, because the fabric just begged for something flowy.  Plus the picture on the envelope kind of looked similar to the materiaI I had, so it was easy to picture.  I lined the dress in some simple black lining material.

I finished all seams with french seams.  The pattern had some confusing directions on how to sew the straps up with the lining, but I finally figured out that I needed to leave one side of the strap open so the strap and lining could be French Seamssewn with one continuous seam.  When this was done, I just had one section on each side of the strap that needed to be hand sewn, and I opted for a ladder stitch to hide the stitching.  I think it came out pretty seamless (har har)!

The whole thing was finished up with a narrow hem, which as you can imagine with a skirt like this, took FOREVER!  But the results are worth all the effort.

 The guts….

 The guts

And the glory!

The glory

Here I am posing in the freezing cold winter we’ve had up in New England.  I think this sheer black number is a great contrast to the over 3 feet of snow we’ve had this season!  You can read more details about this dress on my blog.

 Thanks for reading!


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