A Professional(ish) Tote

Since I’m still living in the land of all-knit maternity clothes sewing, and serging isn’t the most fun inside-out thing to show, I made a bag for my inside out project! I needed some motivation to sew the needed diaper bag anyway. Though, admittedly, the guts were really hard to get a good picture of. So let’s look at the outside first, shall we?

side pocket The pattern is the Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble, and inside finishing is definitely a concern for this one–no hand-sewing at all! All of the outside pockets are fully lined and neatly edged, though I did change these side ones to elastic from the called-for drawstring. Who knew it was so hard to find cord locks? But I think this will be easier to wrangle baby gear in and out of anyway.

lining And here’s the guts, as best as I could manage with the dark fabric– both the lining and the outside is interfaced, and it was just too stiff to flip it. I’ll be honest and say this was an in-progress shot, because this was before I sewed the top zipper part on. But you can see that there’s more pockets–still all fully lined–and a zippered divider pocket. It was supposed to be taller, but I couldn’t make sense of the directions for that part, and the only way I could figure it out was to make it about half the height it was supposed to be. Oh well. I probably also could have made that one flap with lining instead of outside fabric, but the lighter color will help me find it in the bag easier!

I’ll probably be laying low here for awhile, depending on what the May challenge ends up being, since I don’t have any bird fabric and I’m coming to the end of the time where sewing clothes for myself still makes sense. At least until after the baby comes. But I can at least enjoy seeing all of your lovely creations!

7 thoughts on “A Professional(ish) Tote

  1. Ahh I’m pregnant too. It’s like entering a no-style-zone… I’m desperate to wear regular clothes again! Your bag looks really well made and I love the fact that it doesn’t involve hand-sewing!


    • It has been really hard, trying to figure out how to stretch my wardrobe! I’m at the point now where I’m trying to make things for myself that will do double-duty for maternity and nursing, because at least then I’ll have some mostly-new things to wear this summer!


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