Happiness on the inside

I had hoped to tackle Hong Kong seams this month for the insides challenge but time got away from me and with travel to London and Brussels next week I doubt I’ll have time to do any more sewing.

One of the reasons time got away from me was this labour of love – Simplicity’s Amazing Fit blazer. You can get an amazing fit but it requires a lot of basting, standing in front of the mirror, unpicking basting, basting again, standing in the mirror etc etc. In fact the shoulders took me 2 whole days thanks to my genetically deformed narrow shoulders.

The outside of the blazer is a calm and soothing grey with white polka dots which I’m hoping will go with most dresses and trousers. The inside however is the best part – its yellow and yellow makes me happy. Yellow clothes, yellow cars, yellow wellies, yellow anything. Its just a happy happy colour.

Which makes this blazer my ‘Happy on the inside’ blazer.


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5 thoughts on “Happiness on the inside

  1. I love the lining. Why on earth do we have to line clothing with something that matches the outside, when it’s an opportunity to have fun and inject secret colour?

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