The indecisive – Sweatshirt….Denim….Floral….Rigel?

Firstly, hats off, to all you regular bloggers with your dedication to getting photos, writing content and hitting publish on a consistent basis.

I did actually complete this during January’s ‘Denim Never Dies’ but in waiting around for the starts to align (and by that I mean, feature garment ironed and looking perfect, hair done, makeup on and co-ordinating outfit items clean and ready to be the supporting act, weather co-operative and a willing photographer found) I just never got around to posting about it.


In fact, that last sentence just about sums up this whole project.  I won the Papercut Patterns Rigel bomber in the 2014 Indie Pattern Month competition and had been waiting, WAITING FOR THE PERFECT FABRIC.  After months of searching I finally figured out that, hello, patterns aren’t single use!  Just choose any fabric and make it!


I had ordered some denim swatches, thinking I’d make some jeans but one of the fabrics was almost a sweat shirting so I decided that would be my first Rigel.

Then I was full of indecisiveness.  Variation A or B, green or navy ribbing, silver, green or no topstitching…etc. So I just made my husband choose 🙂


To line or not to line? Initially I wasn’t going to add a lining but, well, Kat posted a how-to and guilted me into lining it (in a nice way)  She also mentioned that the neckline ribbing on her bomber bagged out a bit.  Mine did this also so I decided to unpick it, overlocking included and found that it had stretched right out with no recovery.  So I had to re-cut (see photo) but it’s still a bit loose.  I might have to research what makes a good quality ribbing…..



Size: I measured in between the sizes XS and XXS so cut out the smaller to account for the slightly stretchy fabric.

Fabric: Cotton/lycra brushed-back denim, ribbing?, cotton sateen for the lining (it had to be slightly stretchy too and also it’s left over from a pair of pants I made so now I have a ‘secret set-acular‘ and some silver topstitching thread.


Conclusion: I’ll definitely be making some more; I’ve been wearing this a lot!  As you can tell from the photos.  I decided in the end that since I was wearing it, my camera phone was in my pocket and I had someone there to take photos that I should just go ahead, seize the moment, photograph it and blog it!

18 thoughts on “The indecisive – Sweatshirt….Denim….Floral….Rigel?

  1. Wow that’s fantastic! I love how you used the shoulder details with topstitching instead of contrast fabric – it’s a great look with that denim. 🙂 Nice work!


    • Yes, silly ribbing! The skirt is actually a shirt-dress Burda 7827 that I made after only about a year of sewing. It’s probably better sewn than the things I make now because as a newbie I’m sure that I would have agonised over every single stitch! Haha.

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    • Ohhh – have you got anything planned for it? I’ve got a bit left over so should make something that will make the most of the cosy underside.


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