Inside Out featuring (another) Sewaholic Hollyburn.

Hello everyone!

Thank you Monthly Stitch for giving me  a chance to present my Inside Out March 2015 Sewing Challenge. I give you my third Hollyburn skirt! The challenge for me was to NOT hide under the lining.Details collage Collage

I used stripey cotton for the waistband facing because my fabric was very lofty. It sewed up well but it was quite thick meaning seams were very very chunky. Unfortunately the zipper is higher above the waistband than it should be. But I am not bothered because it was real pain getting it on especially over the thick seam. I managed it in the end but its not quite ‘invisible’. I topstitched all the seams to get them to lay flat and neat. Even though the material doesn’t unravel I decided to serge the seams for a neat interior. To finish off the hem I used a burgundy satin bias binding tape. It came out fine , even if I do say so myself. The waistband was finished by hand stitching.


All in all I am quite proud to show these inside. I cant quite wear it a a reversible but I worked really hard to get the inside neat. I loved this challenge because it really had me thinking about how I was going to finish the skirt – normally these are details I stumble onto rather than actively plan my finishing. This is something I will be now applying to my projects going forward.

More pictures and details over here 😉

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