Inside the Pencil Skirt

I found myself desperately yearning for a red pencil skirt when the Monthly Stitch announced the February solid colours challenge, and my colour was red. I ran out to the shop and bought this gorgeous red linen from The Fabric Store, and promptly left town for two weeks and lost most of my sewing momentum in doing so. When I came back, I got as far as making a muslin of the pattern I had before February ended, got disheartened by the adjustments I had to make, and it sat there for another two weeks before I could bring myself to do them. Having done that, it sewed up in a weekend, and then by the end of the week I’d done all the hand-sewing to finish it (which was quite a lot, I was trying to make this skirt perfect on the inside).

And here it is!


I am super proud of this skirt. It fits well – the darts are a bit pointy, but that’s all – and every time I look at it I go “man, I look good in that”. I’ve spent a long time not being happy with my body, and it still feels pretty amazing to look at myself and not want to change things. Also, the skirt is pretty perfectly finished on the inside.

So let’s talk about the insides! I actually put this on inside out to demonstrate these. It’s fully lined, the hem is done with lace, french seams galore, hand-rolled hems on all the edges of the lining, hand-stitched to the zipper to keep it out of the way…




(These photos were seriously difficult to get good, and none of them adequately show the colour. It’s probably closest to the photo of the zip, but redder.)

I love wearing something this solidly well constructed. I just sit there being happy that my skirt is perfect on the inside. My favourite is the lace hem, I think. Cream and red is my current top colour combination, and the hem is actually invisible from the outside.

If you’d like more details, you’re all welcome at my blog!

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  1. I think I have that exact same linen – it’s a beautiful colour isn’t it? It’s always nice to get away from black. I love the lace touch.


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