Put A Bird On It: Vintage McCall’s Edition

I was excited when the birds won this challenge. I actually voted for the fox, but I had this bird fabric already sitting around in my stash so it worked out perfectly!

Fabric: Aves Chatter Dim in Voile from the Winged Collection by Bonnie Christine. I love everything about this fabric!

Pattern: (Vintage) McCall’s 6367, view B.

The Result: About halfway through, I realized I should have chosen a fabric with more drape for this pattern. I added a few darts in the front and a few in the back (all definitely not part of the pattern), I took in the sides an inch or so on each side, and closed up the arm opening about 3 inches on each side to stop it from sticking out all crazy. It should have been a decently quick make, but it turned into quite the project. Worked out alright in the end… because of the print  you really can’t tell that the darts are extremely uneven and multidirectional unless you look close. I had no idea what I was doing! :/

This was only my second time making a collar (sort of… what I consider the first I guess was only lapels… but it was also a TMS challenge!), and my first time making a button-up, so I’m pretty happy with the end result. Actually, my favorite part of this pattern was the inside… it could have worked for last month’s challenge as well! It all went together so nicely – other than the sides, there were no exposed seams.

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