The colours of this fat quarter leaped across the fabric store last summer, screaming my name. So of course, despite the fact that I don’t quilt and never buy fat anythings, it came home with me.

Ah, what to do with a “fat” quarter. I looked at it. A lot. Then finally put it away in stash.

It made regular reappearances, but nothing stirred in the dark recesses of the little grey cells until late March. Very late March. When all hope of Spring was gone.

Almost in desperation I decided to squander the whole piece on a carrier bag for yarn ~ or whatever. I made capacious inside pockets, quilted some lining to make it puffy-lucious (and so it stands on its own, sometimes). I was patience personified whilst adding hook & loop tape to the top of all pockets. There’s even a slot for a crochet hook.

And a small miracle occurred. Not only did the tote get made up, but Spring showed it’s face shyly.

Am I enjoying this make? You betcha!

the bird tote

fabric: Love by Cedar West for Clothworks

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, very abstract, which is normally not my choice. Bit the colour was irresistible…
      Enjoy your blog very much, but blogger doesn’t appreciate my comments, being a wordpress person. We can meet elsewhere!


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