French Seamed Snakeskin Belcarra

I’d had it in mind to make a Sewaholic Belcarra some time ago, but I never bought the pattern and consequently never really gave it another thought, until I saw this fabric…I was a-wandering back from work one day and thought I’d check out the button wall in Pete’s Emporium in Porirua. Well I kinda ended up looking at fabric too and found this fine polyester crepe stuff with a snakeskin pattern and tiny black velvet-y feeling dots. I just cried out to me and said Belcarra. I bought the PDF pattern that evening.

It is such a quick make. I stuck the pattern together one evening, then on Good Friday while Mr N was out playing golf, I made it up. Yep, you heard me, made it up and finished it all in one day. Slowcoach me finished something in one day!
I love the shape of this top with the raglan sleeves. I finished all seams bar those around the cuffs with French seams. (This is also another reason why I’m surprised I finished it in one day – it’s all French seams!) The seam around the cuffs I finished using my overlocker.
It is a really easy quick pattern to make up. There’s no shaping in the form of darts, only basic shaping on the side seams, so the only seams are the raglan seams, the shoulder and side seams.
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