It’s a bird

After finishing this month challenge I was looking for a special image to start my post. Hebban olla uogala nestas hagunnan hinase hi(c) (a)nda thu uuat unbidan uue nu. (translation: Are all birds begun nests, except me and you. What are we waiting?) With this line my first literature lessons on High School started. While I was writing this post, I remembered these two lines. I decided to make a banner in the style as to be seen when a child is born.

I’ve been looking around for some bird fabric. In march there was a fabric market in a town nearby were I live. There wasn’t any fabric with a bird print. I also did a search on the internet, but I didn’t liked any of the fabrics.

Searching on the internet with the search words: fabric bird I came across stuffed birds. Then I came up with another idea. I decided to make a pincushion. Although I sew a lot I don’t have any pincushions. In the sewing box of my mother there used to be this pincushion. 

The cushion was made of a polyester and didn’t last long.

For the bird I used the mister bluebird pattern from Spool. The fabric is a leftover from a vintage inspired blouse I made earlier (the blouse pattern is self drafted).

I decided to put the bird on a nest with some eggs. The nest is a 4 point biscornu. There is even a bird on this fabric!

It’s made of an old t-shirt from my youngest daughter and the red is a leftover from a apron I made for my mother. The tail is embroidered with small beads.

I have to confess I got carried away. I made a few more pincushions: a wise owl (leftover from a skirt) and two little birdie (leftovers from a scarf and a dress from my youngest daughter). I do have some request to make pincushions for friends.

Now to the bow. The bow charm I found in a box in my closet.

When a necklace or bracelet breaks I put the useful parts in a box.

For my future sewing project I now have some useful pincushions: there is one near my sewing machine, one near my chair where I do my handsewing and one where I iron.

Here are the links to the patterns:, and

3 thoughts on “It’s a bird

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  2. Thank you. I loved making it. It was something completely different then making clothes. I’ve two big boxes of left overs and between projects I’m sewing pincushions, sewing cases and soft toys for friends.


  3. Your bird pincushion is so adorable! I’d love to have several of those in my sewing room. I’m certainly going to put this on my “make-one-day-soon” list. I appreciate how you upcycled the fabrics you used in such a pleasing way. All the delicate details make your bird themed project a real winner in my opinion.


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