Late Guts

I know, it’s really late. But in my defence, I did have to completely remake the bodice part!

I didn’t initially intend to make anything for Guts month anyway. Spending a lot of time on a fancy finish no-one ever sees is not exactly my strong point. Also, I have been favouring stretch fabrics lately, which aren’t exactly designed for this sort of challenge.

However; I decided to make something a little different and Lisette 1419 seemed to fit the bill. So I’ve done my best to create a neat finish. I kept it simple with a turned and stitched seams, but these work well and look much better than my usual zigzagged seam allowances!

I used the facings the pattern decreed I should,although I have since seen that some folks have lined the bodice instead. I might do this if i were to stitch it again. I recently discovered understitching, so I did that to the facing pieces and can’t believe how much difference this makes.

Initially I wasn’t sure what the instructions meant on finishing the armscyes, but I think I figured it out in the end….

This dress was also my first attempt at a Full Bust Adjustment, which to be honest, I have been avoiding for far longer than I ought to have. Although the adjustment isn’t perfect on this one, I think I know what I did wrong, so the next one should be much better. If you want to read more about my FBA and the construction issues I had with this dress I’ve written a post on it.

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