Just a few birds

Who doesn’t love a good pocket?


I love bird print fabrics – I’m obsessed with them. It’s surprising then that this is actually  the first time I’ve ever made anything with one. Using some gorgeous, soft cotton I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching show in March I have at last completed McCall’s M4779 (version A).

I was very well behaved and made myself a muslin of the bodice last week, merging a few different sizes. The whole muslin business is pretty new to me but after reading some pretty scary reviews of the pattern and not wanted to wreck my fabric I thought it best to proceed with caution. Having worked out what I wanted to do, I set fourth this weekend.

I wrote an exceedingly long blog about it here, if you wish to read my witty commentary and see my pretty pictures. The short and the long of it is this: I love my dress (and I’m quite proud of how well constructed it is) but I’m not sure it’s one I’ll be rushing to replicate.

Despite the awkwardness, the collar turned out to be not too shabby.

Pros: It has pockets!  And it’s very comfortable. And I love how the skirt hangs.

Cons: I found the sizing a bit funny – I know its a semi fitted dress but it just felt a bit big (despite my fittings and muslin I obviously didn’t nail this). The collar is so immensely awkward. Did I mention that the collar is awkward?

But hey ho – it’s all done (and before April was over!) and I’m pretty damned chuffed with it!





19 thoughts on “Just a few birds

    • Thanks! I agree, I hate making the muslin, it seems like such a waste of my precious sewing time. But then as this dress showed me, probably its not actually wasting my time, just extending it.


    • Thanks Beth, it wasn’t so much problems with the collar as a lot of confusion and being unsure that what I was doing would work. But it did in the end!

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  1. I love this fabric a lot! It’s such an elegant bird print, exactly the sort I was looking for this month (and nearly the opposite of what I found… but that’s another story). I do like the shape of the collar too, and I think “not too shabby” is selling yourself short on it.


    • Thank you! I’m in love with the fabric – it can be hit or miss sometimes, I might have a print in mind for months and never see it, or randomly find just the right thing! Haha ‘not to shabby’ is like saying ‘its not too bad’ which in my family is code for it’s pretty damn good!


  2. I think this is a lovely dress! I love ALL things bird related, including fabric, but have yet to even choose anything for this challenge. I know what you mean about something turning out well but then not feeling inspired to make another straight away! You should definitely be proud of this dress, and I love the collar 🙂


    • Thanks. You know the moment I saw the fabric i knew i wanted this dress. Do you ever get that? The style and fabric and everything just came together so well.


    • I think the pattern was a good learning curve for me – it took me out of my comfort zone. I’ll probably come back to it again one day as I do like the end result!


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