Put a Bird on it!



Teresa here from navybluethreads.wordpress.com. Well, I took this challenge pretty literally! I’ve been meaning to have a go at some appliqué designs for my two children for a while now, so this was just the nudge I needed 🙂

My daughter’s bird of choice was an owl which made the process pretty straight forward. I simply used a template that had come free with a sewing magazine. Finding a more ‘masculine’ bird took us some time… Eventually my son came up with the idea of an American eagle, which we both liked the sound of. I sourced the template from the internet.

I bought the plain sweatshirts from the school uniform department of a local department store for just £9 each. For the appliqué designs I just used what I had in. This was a really easy and gratifying project. My children loved being part in the design process, as well of course, as getting to model and wear the finished products. I can see lots more of these in the future 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. You can read more details on my blog, see link above.


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