A Bird Cast off!

For a couple years now there has been this fabric in my stash, a black linen blend with pink Flamingos.


Although I can’t be 100% sure (because I am over 50) but I am fairly certain this fabric came from one of my resale shop fabric buying sprees. I am however, 100% sure of this; it is not a fabric I would have paid full retail for, well scratch that, would have ever bought period as a single piece. It most likely came in a big black garbage bag full of fabric remnants where you get what you get.

And sometimes that is good but mostly it is bad which is why I stopped buying fabric that way.  In my stash is a tote of what I call, “the cast offs”. Not that I will never use those fabrics, because I am an optimist and also in my daughter’s words, a HOARDER (what does she know?), but it is fabric that, let’s just say, is not on the A list.

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2 thoughts on “A Bird Cast off!

    • Hi Kat, the pattern used is called the Amelia Dress by Green Bee Patterns. It is showing as sold out on their website but Hawthorne Threads had a few in stock as of last week. It has 4 main pieces all cut on the bias and a couple of facing pieces and two length options. No lining. It was a fun, quick sew!


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