A Bird Under the Wire

It started with a beautiful piece of fabric, generously donated by the prttynpnk one and creatively named the Blue Cranes of Doom. 

See what Anne did with it at http://prttynpnk.com/2014/04/17/blue-cranes-of-doom-x2/

I didn’t quite know how to do this preciousness justice, until the The Monthly Stitch April challenge.  Put A Bird On It?  Don’t mind if I do.

So out of my stash jumped this pretty


McCalls 6552, from the Fashion Star line. 

I didn’t have enough fabric for that crazy length, so I knew I’d be doing some modifying, but I really ended up really running with it. Kept the kimono sleeves, made the top a mock wrap rather than a deep V, gave it a waist using some extra border material. Fun fun.  Here I am narrow hemming, which I find strangely soothing. 

Looking like it’s going to fit.  It’s also the best pic I ended up taking of the arms. One big blue crane per limb!!

Finished product, with gorgeous backdrop courtesy of some dear, dear friends and their wonderful garden:

Casey the cat is totally smiling with me in this shot!

Ran out of poses, so I decided to hula (or something). 



What’s a sewing post without a little back fat? I love that there was enough of the bird repeat to get some on the front and the rear. 

Mea Culpa time:

It’s bad enough that I waited until the last minute to photo and blog (hence the Under the Wire title), but then I realized I didn’t have the authorization to post (I’m usually techy and really should have known this.), and then took it upon myself to link my blog to the Monthly Stitch FB site.  Thanks to Melissa and Kat for your kindness and patience.  

Sorry, Monthly Stitchers, you deserve better than my procrastination and rudeitude.  

In the meantime, Me-Made-May ’15 is starting as we speak. So very exciting!!! I won’t sleep for a month!
Happy Stitching and MMM-ing.

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  1. Oh this is utterly gorgeous! Love it!! 🙂

    (Please don’t feel bad about being late or linking to the Facebook group – we totally understand! And now you’re all set up and ready to go for the next challenge. Yay! 🙂


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