Put a Kingfisher on it

The monthly stitch is big of clothing makes, but this month my contribution is an embroidery bird. I’ve wanted to experiment some silk shading for a while, but was feeling a bit lost being a beginner with questions such as what fabric to use, colour scheme, how to transfer my design. So, I started off easy and bought this beautiful kit from Trish Burr’s Embroidery shop.

The kit comes with two needles and the kingfisher design printed on linen so no difficulties with getting the design onto the fabric. There’s also a useful booklet containing instructions which guides you through the embroidery in stages. It lists a full list of the embroidery threads required and the back page has a handy appendix of the stitch types needed for the project, which was a good reminder for me.

The design is really small. I have a magnifying lamp and certainly I wouldn’t have attempted this without it.

I’m planning to the kingfisher to make a fabric-covered box in which to store my newly acquired embroidery supplies.  I wouldn’t have needed the box, if I hadn’t started this project! Surely this is a needlework project of superfluous purpose? Anyway, I’m pleased with my first serious embroidery project and looking forward to adding some embroidery to my clothing makes to make them truly special.

As usual, there are more photos on the Steely Seamstress blog.

8 thoughts on “Put a Kingfisher on it

    • Thanks. Perhaps I should have posted a photo to show more realistically the size of the design. The kingfisher is sooo small. He’s only barely longer than the length from the tip to the knuckle of my forefinger!


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