A Befeathered Belcarra

Hello everyone!

I’ve been AWOL for the last few months as my life went through some pretty significant changes, with a corresponding (and severe) drop in sewjo. I did manage to sew a few things for The Monthly Stitch challenges – I combined pink and denim, I did some amazing geek sewing too… but never quite had the energy to get photos. But now, I am back and sewing again!

I thought it best to ease myself back into sewing, and what better a prompt did I have than my friend The Dreamstress setting the Wellington Sewing Blogger’s Network a challenge, where each of our makes links to the next. And what serendipity that my fabric (which paired with hers) was covered in feathers – perfect for TMS as well!

The fabric I’ve used here is a beautiful vintage rayon, with rust orange and purple feathers on a cream background. I paired it (after much head scratching and dithering) with Sewaholic Patterns’ Belcarra Blouse; admittedly it’s a style I once thought dreadful and one that would never suit me.

With Leimomi in our matching fabrics!

Luckily though, the pattern’s simplicity and clean lines have proven me wrong. It’s a supremely quick and easy make and while I made an initial boo boo and cut the pattern WAY TOO BIG (we’re talking 2 sizes here), a guiding hand from my darling Mama Gypsy set me straight and I’m happy to report that I’m already midway through making my second Belcarra.

I did fear that I wouldn’t manage to make this challenge. Despite coming from a long line of crazy bird ladies, I had no fabric with birds on it. Admittedly novelty fabric doesn’t often inspire my passion to the point of purchase… it’s more for cooing at and then regretfully putting back on the shelf. So when I realised that my 0 degrees challenge fabric had feathers, it was a real “well, duh!” moment, and I’m actually really glad that it’s worked out so beautifully. This blouse is great for autumn with its seasonal colours, and looks really sweet under my purple cardigan too! I’m pleased to be back on the creative track again, and am really looking forward to sewing with you all in the future!

3 thoughts on “A Befeathered Belcarra

  1. Welcome back! 🙂

    Oh that Belcarra looks fabulous on you! Definitely a style you can pull off nicely. 🙂


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