Kidswear – Shoes and Softies

Another month, another challenge from The Monthly Stitch! In this post I’m tackling the Childrenswear component of the challenge.

Two of my good friends had babies recently but neither of them chose to find out what they were having, which meant I needed to come up with some gender neutral gifts for the babies.

I found a great book called Gifts for Baby, which has a range of things to make (not just sewing-related) that range in difficulty. I chose to make the cotton booties illustrated on the front cover using a colourful geometric quilting cotton and a light grey lining and trim to match.

The straps were fastened with metal snaps that I first glued and then handsewed in place, with a decorative yellow star button on the outside to finish off the look. I put a layer of thin cardboard in the soles as well just to give some added stability. As per the instructions, I fastened the soles to the upper bootie using embroidery thread, but only going in one direction rather than crossing over like they’ve done in the original.

The booties are probably more of an intermediate-advanced make given the intricacies of the sewing. They really are a gorgeous gift, and I’ve had tonnes of positive comments on them.


Next time I will add some interfacing to the outer fabric before sewing, as I’ve noticed the loose weave of the quilting cotton tends to fray and come out from under the bias binding if you’re not careful.

I didn’t think that a set of booties alone was an adequate present for having your firstborn, so I waited to find out the gender of both babies (one of each!) before making them a DIY Fluffies Whale each, one in turquoise blue and one in pink.


I really like this pattern and it is fairly simple to make if you’re good at easing fabric along curves and joining seams in all different directions.

What I love about the whale is its cartoon-like shape and the fact that the tail is up in the air. I stuffed mine with cheap polyester soft toy stuffing but in future I may upgrade to a better quality fill. With so many quilting cottons available these days the colour and pattern combinations for both patterns are endless!

For more details head to my blog, ObsidianHandmade.

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