Assassins Creed Jacket

Hey everyone! This week I finished an Assassins Creed commission for an awesome friend of mine! Here is a picture of the jacket. This was made for her fiance.

Assassins Creed Jacket

Below is what she first gave me to look off of. With this jacket I used blue and black cotton twill fabric that she bought on This fabric is really the first medium/heavy weighted fabric I have ever sewn with; that wasn’t a canvas. (You’ll see that one later). I know that originally the jacket is supposed to be red instead of blue, however, she wanted these colors because her fiance’s favorite color is blue. This is one of her wedding presents for him.


I used this pattern for the assassins creed jacket. The Butterick 4929 jacket. You can see all the different modifications I have done with this pattern: Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tail Vest, and one more that will be posted soon!

Photo Jan 18, 3 27 20 PM

Below you can see me pinning on the Assassins Creed logo onto the right side of the jacket. To make the emblem I just free handed it. Pinning this thing on was a really tough time because I had to make sure that the assassins creed emblem matched on the overlapping flaps on the front of the jacket.

Pinning on the Swoop

Here is the back being pinned.

Pinning on the Swoop 2

Putting on the zipper was the scariest part because I needed to make sure that the assassins creed emblem matched up when the zipper was closed. I was really surprised that I made it work on the first try!! This was my first time putting on a jacket zipper. Actually, this was my first time really making a jacket!

Detachable Zipper

The next two pictures are of the heavy duty snaps that I put on this jacket for a removable hood. I realize that this isn’t how the picture dictated that the hood was attached, however, I didn’t see the picture of the back of the jacket until I had already cut everything out. I still think that this looks really good! I did have a miss-hap with the first snap that I tried to apply. The first snap I put on backwards, OOPS, so I had to get my pliers out and essentially rip the dang thing off. But now I know how to use it! There really was a lot of firsts with this jacket.

Snap 2

The picture above is of how the snap is when they are together. Below is of that the outside of the hood looks like with the snap. I went ahead and got black snaps to make sure that the ending look was professional.

Photo Apr 13, 10 50 35 PM copy

Here is the jacket again! The only other part that I really had a problem with was the “inside-out” look of the bottom lining. What I ended up doing was cutting the blue lining fabric extra long so then I could hand stitch it up to make that “folded” look. I think that it turned out really well.

Full Jacket

And here is a back view so that you can see that too! Sorry for the really bad pictures this time around guys, I finished this at night and had to give it to her the next day so I couldn’t wait for the daylight.


But this is my Assassins Creed Jacket. I have a feeling that you might be seeing another one soon. A lot of my boyfriends friends want one now too.

Assasins Creed Jacket and My Tag

Oh! Here is a picture of my designer tag! I am super excited with all of the business that I have been getting with alterations and custom work. I am getting an embroidery machine in May to increase sales! I love my little sewing business, it wont be so little for much longer though! I have big plans for this baby 😀

Let me know what you all think of my Assassins Creed Jacket!


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    • Thanks Kat! It was really adorable, his fiancé kept it a suprise, so when we have it to him he was in his own little kid world again. He was beaming and didn’t want to take it off. 🙂


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