Zoot Suit Riot! Pants

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I love the song Zoot Suit Riot from the “Cherry Poppin’ Daddies,” it is one of my favorites, so when my advisor for my internship (with the Youth Performing Arts Society from Western Illinois University) asked for Zoot Suit Pants, I immediately had this song stuck in my head.

Zoot Suit Pants

Here is the musical reference for ya’ll…. Because it is still stuck in my head.

It turns out that he was going to be going to a fundraiser and the theme was the roaring 20’s. BUT the pants to the Zoot Suit that he bought online were not true Zoot Suit pants. So he asked me to make him some proper Zoot Suit Pants. (As Shown Above)

Zoot Suit Pants, Darts

This is just a picture of the pleating that is needed with this style of pant.


This is the look that he is going for, just a referance!

A little history of the Zoot Suit ūüėÄ Government seamstresses needed fabric to make military uniforms because of the war effort in the 1940’s.¬†Zoot Suit¬†pants used up soo much fabric, manufacturers were told that they could no longer make them because the fabric was needed for¬†the war efforts. You can see from the above picture how high waisted and baggy the pants are.

Zoot Suit Pants, Waist Line

I have never made pants with waistlines before, yes skirts, but no pants. So the zipper fly and pockets were the worst part that I had to overcome. But I think that it turned out phunominal!

Zoot Suit Pants, Back Waist

Lately I have been doing a lot of alterations for guys at my work and their pants. I really have learned how important certain aspects of the waisteline is for alterations later down the road. I will say that the weirdest part of making these pants was the crotch gard. I have just never really though about crotch guards before and so the pattern and the assembling of it was weird. Have you ever made pants with a crotch guard?

Zoot Suit Pants, Origional Design, Sam's Signature Seams

And of course! Finishing off with my designer tags!!!

Let me know what you guys think!!!

Have you ever made a “throwback” garment?!


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    • It is a double layered circle that gets folded down each pant leg. It goes from the bottom of the zipper to about 1/3 of the way up the back of the pant, all on the inside. From the outside you can’t tell anythings there, or even see a stitch.


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