Disco Graffiti Dress

Hello, Monthly Stitchers!  When my daughter picked out this crazy fabric for her dream dress with a giant bow sash, my eyes bled a little but I did buy it.  And it’s grown on me!  I’m even considering making a shift-type dress for myself since I still have a lot of fabric left.

disco graffiti dress

This is the Oliver + S Fairy Tale dress: “The ultimate fully-lined, special-occasion dress with crinoline.” View B, no collar, size 8.
Medium-weight stretch cotton from Mood Fabrics store in New York, where we used to live, acid green Bemberg lining from stash, black tulle from my current local fabric store in Berlin, Naehkontor.  Here’s that bow that was so important to my daughter.

disco graffiti dress

I had my doubts about the practicality of the bow, but it does stay tied and hold its shape well during wear.

disco graffiti dress

If you’ve ever used an Oliver + S pattern, then you know how wonderfully precise, thoughtful, and detailed the designs and instructions are.  Mind you, there are no shortcuts or simplifications.  Especially this dress with its full lining and crinoline was not a quick sew.  We’re both really happy with the result.

disco graffiti dress

disco graffiti dress

I’m blogless at the moment but you can follow me on Flickr (liese2007) or Instagram (theslowsteady).

9 thoughts on “Disco Graffiti Dress

  1. Your daughter is beautiful and looks precious in this dress. My granddaughter is equally beautiful with the hair and big dark eyes. We don’t know where she came from in our white blond family. I am going to show these pics to her and then start looking for a similar fabric. Thank you for the inspiration


  2. I love the contrast of the formal style dress with the funky fabric. Looks great. I also love your description of ‘my eyes bled a little’ I could apply that to a lot of my daughters choices too! Oh well, here’s to individuality!


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