Meanwhile in Another Warp Zone

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted here. I keep thinking I’m going to almost make deadlines, then just not following through in time. How could I skip this month though? I’m always making stuff for my kids. Of course, I couldn’t be making something really nice or even really practical this month for them. Nope, no gorgeous warm coats or sturdy jeans or super-sharp suits going on right now. This month my kid-sewing was simply for fun.

Bowser Koopa 8

This is Ace. He loves to play dress-up. In his mind, he leads a secret organization of vigilante superheroes who just happen to also be cats. Also, I’m not saying that he IS Batman, but I have never seen him and Batman in a room together (and Batman shows up pretty often at our house). This month, though, he decided it might be fun to switch sides and be a villain. Not just any villain, though, a video-game villain. So I made him a King (Bowser) Koopa suit.

Bowser Koopa 6

The base is the Burdastyle superhero suit with a lizard tummy feature added onto the front.

The “shell” is a pillow made of woven fabric on one side and 4-way stretch (with “spikes”) on the other side, so it only poofs one way. The tail is attached to the shell, and the shell has elastic straps rather like a backpack so he can take off the shell/tail easily without having to get entirely undressed. The headpiece is from the same Burdastyle superhero pattern, but cut off in front so it doesn’t form a mask and with the crown/horns attached to the top.

Bowser Koopa 1

Feeling like you just can’t get enough of that face? This project is posted on my own blog too.

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  1. Amazing and well done. Your son must be very happy to have a mother I can do wondes on a sewing machine!


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