Mens Shirt in a Water Print

I would have enjoyed sewing a pretty dress but I don’t know any children! No matter, friend asked for a casual shirt so I used Simplicity 4760. I did sew pockets as well but they looked a little small on the shirt, I guess I am just used to womens clothing! I’ve mastered zips now and need to practise making button placing and collars neater. This is my second shirt.

My next shirt I want to try sewing with a collar stand and button plackets so will look out for a new pattern but this was easy to make.


Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Mens Shirt in a Water Print

  1. Love the fabric color and pattern. Good job on the shirt making. A double needle used on the topstitching will bring it to a whole new level. Have you tried that yet? 🙂


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