Menswear – A Hoodie for my Hubby

Thanks to The Monthly Stitch for another great challenge – menswear!

I’ve been a sewist for several years now, and I’ve completed some pretty epic projects in that time (like my wedding dress). But I’ve never sewed anything for my husband, and I’m not sure why.

He started complaining recently that with all the sewing going on in the house and having to put up with all my sewing mess, I should repay him by way of a new hoodie. Coming into winter it was a good excuse to finally get him into a unique made-by-me garment.

He wanted an interesting print on the outside and a fuzzy, warm lining on the inside. I decided on a polyester cotton sweatshirt fleece with poly cotton ribbing and a plastic jacket zip.

I could choose between a pattern with raglan sleeves or set in sleeves but decided to go with the set in sleeves as it was the closest in design to his current favourite hoodie. The pattern was Burda Young 7734. I measured him and then checked against his favourite hoodie to confirm the size. I made a size 40 at the front and 42 at the back.

This pattern sewed up super fast and the instructions were straightforward. I didn’t make too many modifications to this version, except for narrowing the sleeves in the forearm area, slightly changing the hem band design, fully lining the hood and adding a larger facing along the zip.

I think he was pretty happy with his first real piece of clothing made by me! He has a few requests for the next one, which will be a raglan sleeve version with piping and colourblocking. He also wants something with a big Obsidian logo across the front so I’m looking into buying some custom printed transfers for the next project.

Thanks to beautiful Orewa Beach in northern Auckland for giving us a stunning day to take photos on a Sunday drive!

For more details head over to my blog Obsidian Handmade.

6 thoughts on “Menswear – A Hoodie for my Hubby

    • Haha yes, he hasn’t complained quite so loudly about the sewing mess lately! The hoodie is getting a lot of wear, so it may be time to make him another one soon….


    • Thanks! Not bad for a bargain bin purchase. I notice Spotlight came out with some new poly cotton fleece designs as soon as I’d finished – typical!

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