Toddler Bomber Jacket

Apparently I did my first post wrong…oops!! Sorry everyone!  Here goes! 😀

I made this “bomber jacket” for my nephew’s birthday; I chose to do a bomber jacket because my sister did a “planes, trains, and automobiles” theme. My nephew’s high chair was a plane (cardboard cut-out!), so my sister asked me to make him something.

I did not use a standard pattern but rather, used a pulled apart toddler’s sweater as the pattern I picked up at a swap meet. The fabric is faux leather (don’t remember where I got it…I have piles of fabric in my apartment…), the lining was leftover lining from some other project, and I got the little patches from a military surplus store (had to search for tiny ones but was successful!). Using this pattern method was fine, until I got to the lining because I had no instructions! This was the first jacket I made, and also the first time I’ve done lining. I tried figuring out how to do it and I think almost did it. The faux leather wasn’t too difficult to sew with because I used binder clips to hold the seams together until it went through the machine, however, what made it difficult is the size of the armholes and wrists (and the lining…)…they must have tiny extenders on industrial sewing machines or something!
A few things next time I make a jacket I would do differently…find a pattern with lining and read how to do it properly would help! 🙂  And, perhaps finding out a different way to do the little armholes and wrists?
May Challenge--boys--

May Challenge–boys–

I am happy with how the jacket turned out, however, I will not be giving it away or selling the jacket because of the embarrassing lining mistakes that I cannot undo due to the faux leather that becomes “holey” after putting it through the sewing machine needle. What is even more sad is my sister didn’t put it on my nephew…she said it was too big! But, to be fair, my nephews both are taller/bigger than average for their height…always have to guesstimate.
Oy. Of course. Oh well. At…least…it…is…adorable!!

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  1. Such a cute jacket, I love the mini patches and fleece collar. Such a shame your sister didn’t use it after all that effort!


    • Thank you! And, I agree, however, my best friend did tell me she has dibs on the jacket if she ever becomes pregnant, so perhaps one day it’ll be used! 🙂


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