Man’s shirt no thanks to Burdastyle

Finally! By the skin of my teeth I’ve managed my first ever man’s shirt in time for the May challenge.

Of course that’s no thanks to Burdastyle who have gotten writing crap unhelpful instructions down to a fine art. I mean seriously – how much would it really cost them to use a few bullet points?

After many howls of frustration I found the lovely Male Devon Sewing tutorial which was fantastic for soothing my nerves and calming me down. Until the last stitch.

Which is when I noticed my almighty mistake. Honestly I’m a tool. I put the sleeves on back to front. I could have cried.

Instead my lovely husband talked me off the ledge and declared it his favourite shirt ever and said he’d just wear it with his cuffs rolled up.

16 thoughts on “Man’s shirt no thanks to Burdastyle

  1. I somehow kind of made two of the same sleeve for myself last month – one of the plackets wound up on the front. Luckily I have enough fabric to cut another sleeve, but so frustrating as it was the last step to do. I had to put it aside for a while…. Guess what? It was Burdastyle too….!

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  2. Great shirt. I like the details on the collar stand and inside of the cuffs. The blue fits your husband very well. And about sewing instructions: Burda isn’t the only one with poor instructions.

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  3. Nice looking shirt. Give yourself some extra brownie points for using a Burda pattern. I so totally understand about Burda instructions – I like to think of sewing Burda pattern as sewing off piste as you end up having to find your own way or other online help to get you through to the finish.

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  4. I’ve totally done that before – It’s heartbreaking! I think I left it a couple of weeks then returned in a calmer mood to unpick and reattach. Very nice job!

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