Indie Pattern Month 2015 is here!

Hey, guess what everybody? Guess what tomorrow is? It’s June 1st! And you know what that means? It’s finally here! Indie Pattern Month starts tomorrow!!!

Yay!!! 🙂

We’ve been working super-hard over the last few months to bring this all together, so we’re a bit excited that it’s finally happening! We hope you’re excited, too.

So to kick it all off, here’s a summary of what you can expect to see on The Monthly Stitch during June.

Lots of creations from indie patterns

Of course, this depends to a large extent on all of you. This month is all about encouraging everyone to sew with indies and share the results. The Monthly Stitch editors Mel and Kat have lots of plans involving sewing with indie patterns, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what everyone makes too!

(Want to get involved and share what you’re making on here? You can sign up as a contributor really easily – just fill out the little form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get you all set up and ready to go.)

Lots of inspiration

Every day or two during June, we’ll share a bit of inspiration over on the Monthly Stitch Facebook group. Patterns, combinations, mix-and-match ensembles. Have a look and get inspired! Hopefully you’ll get some new ideas, or learn about some designers or patterns you’ve never seen before.

Interviews with indie designers and the people who support them

We’ve got some great sponsors for Indie Pattern Month, and we’ve interviewed them all, to find out what makes them tick. We’ll have all the low-down for you during the course of June, with insight into where they get their inspiration, where they do their work, and (if we’re lucky!) maybe even some hints about what’s coming up next for them!

Sewing contests

They were super popular last year, so we’ve bought sewing contests back for this year’s Indie Pattern Month too! We’re hoping they’ll give you all a bit more encouragement to sew with indie patterns. 😉 There are four contests during Indie Pattern Month, each with a different theme and prizes to be won! The four themes are Dresses, Separates, New To Me, and One Pattern Two Takes. There’s one running every week during June.

You can find out the themes and the rules for all four contests here.

And here’s the prizes for each contest: Dresses, Separates, New To Me, and One Pattern Two Takes.

Want some help figuring out what to write for a contest entry? You can find some suggestions and a guide here.

Competition Banner_Dresses

Competition Banner_Separates

Competition Banner_New_to_Me

Competition Banner_One_Pattern_Two_Takes1


We’ve also got some great discounts for you all, courtesy of some of our Indie Pattern Month sponsors.

Indie Pattern Month sponsors

Of course, we couldn’t have done all of this without support from some pretty amazing sponsors. We’d like to give them all a big shout-out – they’re all wonderfully talented people, and super passionate about what they do. And we encourage you to show them some love in return and go check out their sites if you haven’t seen them before – you never know, you may discover a new favourite! 😉 Just click on any of their logos below to find out more about them.