Sliding in by a smidge

It seems so long since I’ve posted but I do love reading and drooling over all your wonderful makes. I didn’t even realise that I had sewn for the challenge this month so I thought it would be a shame to let the opportunity go by!  I’m not sure it’s technically children’s wear seeing as it’s not for wearing as clothing but as an unusually selfish sewist it’s the closest I’m likely to get!!



This is a little apron I literally whipped up on the day of a birthday party. It was for a wee girl by my wee boy was happy to model for me.

I did the neck ties separate as it’s one of my bug bares that aprons so often have the completed neck part and it makes kids aprons sit way below the drop zone.

All the pieces came from stash and I paired it with fancy sprinkles and cupcake cases for a fun present.

Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful makes during indie challenge month and hoping to even make it in deadline with slightly more breathing room this time.

Peace, Miriam

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