Introducing Allie and Steve, from Indiesew

Indiesew is a carefully curated collection of fabulous indie designed patterns. They also have an online community and love indie pattern designers just as much as we do.

So, to say we were excited when Allie agreed to sponsor Indie Pattern Month with us this year, is a little bit of an understatement.

Hi Allie! First up, tell us all a bit about your business.  How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

Indiesew is an online marketplace for indie sewing patterns. Our sewing patterns are geared towards the modern woman, interested in creating a functional, handmade wardrobe. We also feature a portal where Indiesew members can upload photos of their creations. We have hundreds of patterns and creations to browse through!
Our site is very minimalist and clean, which is a reflection of my personal style. I love black and white which that is directly reflected in the graphics and typography on our site. My personal style is more focused on function and comfort rather than high design. I love sewing items that I’ll wear everyday as a working-from-home adult. That means leggings, tunics, and lots of knits.


How did your come up with the name for your business?

My co-founder, Steve, and I spent a lot of time focusing on what to call our new business. Together, we came up with around fifty names, but none clearly defined our mission as well as Indiesew. Since we support independent designers and also the independent home sewist, Indiesew was a perfect fit.

We’d love to know the story behind your business.  What inspired you to create a store and sell patterns?  How did it all start?

In December 2013, I came to Steve with an idea to help unite the sewing community. Over many cups of coffee we honed the idea into what you see at today. As a sewist, I was always frustrated with my method for buying indie patterns. I was google image searching to find the pattern sewn up by other sewists, and then navigating to Etsy or the designer’s site to buy the pattern. The process felt disjointed and cumbersome.
So Indiesew was our solution to that problem, but we’ve also expanded our site to be a valuable sewing resource. We publish tutorials, sewalongs, and style posts to help sewists along the way. We ensure quality by testing every single pattern that shows up in our shop and if there are issues, we work with the designer to fix them. The community has grown to be engaged and very supportive, and we’re constantly working to best serve our community!

And looking forwards, where would you like your business to be in five years time?

In five years, I hope Indiesew is the leading resource for the home sewist. I hope our current community of thousands of sewists reaches all corners of the globe and inspires women to start making their own clothes. I hope Indiesew can help raise awareness on the detriments of fast fashion, and bring to light just how fun this hobby is.

Who or what inspires you with your business?

Every single person in this online sewing community inspires me! The thousands of women who upload their creations to Indiesew and post their makes on Instagram blow me away. They’re all so talented, and they’re making time for this hobby despite a mile long to-do list. They’re really and truly pursuing their passion.

How do you decide what to stock?

We constantly have a pulse on sewing patterns and designs that are trending. We have newbie designers on our site and we have veteran designers who have more than ten sewing patterns. Overall, we try to keep our offering diverse, geared towards the modern woman, and most of all, functional.

What do you find is most popular with your customers?

We keep a close eye on social media and see how people respond to pattern launches. Basic, beginner sewing patterns that are easy to customize are quite popular. Designers who have built a great brand also see a lot of support from the community. But sometimes the pattern you least expect to, becomes a huge hit! Take a look at this Pinterest board and you’ll quickly see which patterns are most popular.

Pretend we’re sending you on a deserted island sewing holiday. We’ll give you a machine and some fabric but which 5 patterns from your store would you bring with you?

Well, this is not the first time the thought has crossed my mind, so this list on the top of my head!

Here they are:

Yeah, I’m all about being comfortable.

Where do you do all your work?  

We work from home! Steve works from his and I work from mine, and we meet up a few times a week to catch up in person.

It great to see the Indiesew community thriving and all the great sewing support the Indiesew blog offers. Which pattern from their shop f your favourtie?

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