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This if you haven’t guessed from the title is the Muse Patterns Gillian dress. Yes I know it’s from the creative mind of my great friend Kat from the WSBN and also one of our TMS editors, but honestly I am NOT biased. Just read the reviews elsewhere on the Interwebs and you’ll believe me! This pattern is the bees knees.

I decided to use the red contrast as the blue flowery knit is quite a fine knit and the red gives it considerably more stability where it needs it. Even though I had two completely different knit fabrics, they work really well together.

I cut this out at the beginning of May and it went together so quickly. Kat’s instructions are clear and easy to follow. I got a bit confused with the waistband to begin with, but I was suffering from the beginnings of lurgy and probably my head wasn’t really thinking straight! Looking at the instructions now, they make perfect sense and I think a really novel way of creating the waistband with the gap through which to put the tie through. The instructions have lots of images – you all know by now how much I like images! Pictures, give me pictures!

I didn’t really know what length to cut, I went with the longest version and am completely happy with it. It is the perfect length to me, I’m about 5’5′, sorry I think that’s about 165cm in new money. Since this is also a knit, I didn’t worry about the cup size. This Muse pattern is for a B cup, which certainly isn’t me, but, this works. I didn’t show it, but this wrap dress does not gape – yay!! Oh and the best bit about the bodice – the gathers onto the yoke.

This pattern has three sleeve lengths, I went for the 3/4 elbow length sleeves. I love this length sleeves. They are perfect in my mind.

The details
Fabric: Plain red knit and blue floral knit both from the Fabric Warehouse, January 2015.
Notions: Thread and some tape to stabilise the shoulder seams.
Pattern: Muse Gillian dress size 38, I’m actually between sizes, so went for the smaller one and the fit is perfect.
Changes made: None
Another one/Recommendations: I completely recommend this pattern. The drafting is fantastic, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Oh and did I say it fits perfectly with no gape? I already have another planned, so watch this space.

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12 thoughts on “Gillian awesomeness

  1. Looking gorgeous! This dress is really lovely on you and I like how you have shown up the pattern pieces with the contrasting fabric.


  2. Looks great, I agree with zibergirl that your contrasting is fantastic and really accentuates the dress’ and pieces’ shape well.


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