Indie Pattern Month – meet the contest judges

Hello hello everybody!

Well, it turns out we completely forgot to introduce you to the judges for the four Indie Pattern Month contests. Whoops! Sorry about that!

So let’s fix that, shall we? Here’s who the judges are, and their current top five indie patterns.

Mel has been sewing for many a long year (including making her wedding dress – wow!). When sewing, she especially likes making dresses, with the occasional skirt, blouse or pair of trousers thrown into the mix. Mel blogs over at The Curious Kiwi, and is one of the co-founders of The Monthly Stitch (yay!). She’s also one of the co-founders of Indie Pattern Month, which was hosted on her and Kat’s personal blogs way back in 2013. (Eons ago in blogging years, right?!)

Mel loves indie patterns. Like, seriously loves them. She may own quite a few, even. Favourite brands are Papercut, Sewaholic, Deer & Doe, Colette (her first-ever indie pattern crush!), and Muse.

This indie pattern month, Mel’s sewing plans include:

  • The Gillian dress by Muse Patterns (which may have been cut out and waiting on her sewing table for quite some time. She’s determined to get it finished during Indie Pattern Month! So let’s all hold her accountable for that, shall we? 😉
  • The Davie dress by Sewaholic (also on the cutting table, and has even progress to half-sewn state. Maybe we’ll see it make an appearance during Dresses week?)
  • The Watson jacket by Papercut (which has been a work in progress for a few months now. But now it’s winter over in New Zealand, so it seems the perfect time to finish it off.)
  • The Quart coat by Pauline Alice (next coat on the list once the Watson is finished. She considers it to be a gorgeous pattern, with great details (pleats! Pretty!) and perfect for the Wellington wind.)
  • The Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo (in a green/blue/purple striped merino. She saw a girl wearing an amazing striped dress one day and decided she Must Have One Like It, so this jumped all the way to the top of the things-to-sew list.)

(Now that I’ve revealed all her works-in-progress, let’s see if we see some appear on The Monthly Stitch this month. Vote in the comments which of the Gillian, Davie and Watson you’d like to see first, folk!)

Kat’s been sewing since, well, let’s just say over thirty years now. (Eek!) She’s been blogging for a while too – over at Modern Vintage Cupcakes, since 2010. Her sewing preferences lean very strongly towards dresses and cardigans (deviating into knitted ones at times too), bright colours, and oftentimes quirky prints (yes, she’s a fan of quilting cotton for dresses). Alongside Mel, Kat’s the co-founder of The Monthly Stitch and Indie Pattern Month.

Amazingly, it wasn’t until the first Indie Pattern Month in 2013 that Kat used her first indie pattern, with a lot of egging-on by Mel. And she hasn’t looked back since. She now owns a rather extensive library of them, sews with them all the time, and loves them so much she finally got around to starting her own pattern label.

During Indie Pattern Month, Kat’s aiming to make the following:

  • The Melissa dress by Muse Patterns (being cut out this evening in fact! She’s on a mission to make the entire thing this weekend. Optimism may be at play here.)
  • The Sigma dress by Papercut (just for the novelty of it, she’s making this for a friend of hers instead. Selfless sewing! Not something you’ll often see her do.)
  • The Carolyn pajama pants from Closet Case Patterns (just the trousers though. Maybe with piping. Perhaps. It’ll be a last-minute decision there.)
  • The Jenna cardi by Muse Patterns (she’s finally, after a couple of years searching, found a mustard yellow merino knit for this! It must be made immediately to replace a falling-apart RTW much loved mustard cardi! To the top of the sewing queue, now!)
  • The Hawthorn dress by Colette (a gift from one of her pattern swap partners, the collar is calling to be made. Yes indeed.)

A rather optimistic list there for a mother of two small people, but let’s see how that goes. Perhaps Kat and Mel need a competition to see who gets furtherest through their top-five list this Indie Pattern Month? What do you think, folks? Who would your vote be on to win that race? 😉

Juliet hails from a strong sewing heritage, with a mother who is a super accomplished seamstress and who works as a pattern designer for various RTW labels. (And yes, that mama lives near enough to Juliet to help with all sorts of sewing and fitting woes! Lucky girl, having a super experience instructor on hand whenever needed!) Juliet is an editor of The Monthly Stitch, along with Mel and Kat. She also blogs over at Crazy Gypsy Chronicles. (Is she a gypsy? Who knows. She’s currently living in two cities at once, so maybe?)

As well as sewing (with such pretty florals, pinks and blues!) Juliet’s a bit of a All The Crafts!! type gal. She bakes! She cooks! She brews! And now, she’s also learning to knit! Her first knitted cardigan should be appearing on her blog some day very soon.

Juliet’s current top five indie patterns are:

  • The Hazel dress by Colette (she loves the awesome bodice panels – so pretty)
  • The Thurlow trousers by Sewaholic (love those wide legged styles)
  • The Gillian dress by Muse (she’s made it twice now, loves it, and always gets compliments on it. A girls gotta love patterns like that!)
  • The Beatrice pocket dress by Sew Chic (in her words: “I want, I want, I want!”)
  • The Pavot jacket by Deer & Doe (the first jacket she ever made and felt proud of. And it’s an absolute beauty too – check it out on her blog here.)

Which will you see from her here during Indie Pattern Month? Well, that second Gillian dress only got finished this week (or that was the plan, as we were informed) so maybe it’ll make an appearance soon…. 😉

Penny’s also an avid sewer. And really, really loves indie patterns. In fact, she loves them so much, she started her own business to import them into New Zealand and make it a lot easier for her fellow Kiwi indie pattern lovers to get their hands on them! (Let’s face it folks – postage to New Zealand is kinda expensive. So we love Penny for enabling us in our indie pattern library collecting! She may be solely responsible for doubling the number of indie patterns a lot of NZ sewing people own….)

Penny started sewing back when she was 14, and hasn’t stopped since. She’s a lover of classic and comfy styles – a line skirts and dresses, classic trousers, fitted bodices, knit dresses, and flowing tshirt styles. You can find her blog at Dresses & Me.

This Indie Pattern Month, Penny’s top five pics are:

  • The Morris blazer by Grainline Studio (a classic work and weekend staple. And it’s designed for knits too, super comfy!)
  • The Davie dress by Sewaholic (she’s already made one of these and wears it heaps! Like the Morris, i’s great for work or play and also a little bit fancy)
  • The Alder shirtdress by Grainline Studio (gorgeous simplicity in the design)
  • The Kim dress by By Hand London (the muslin is made – it’s just needing a few tweaks and then it’ll be whipped up in all the lovely floral fabrics!)
  • The Inari top and dress by Named Clothing (she’s already made one of the top version, and is currently making the dress version in a lovely navy and white silk. It just needs hemmed – hopefully we’ll see it appear this weekend in blogging land!)

Alright Penny – let’s see if that Inari dress will appear on The Monthly Stitch this weekend! And maybe the Kim straight after that? Go on, get your sew on!

There we have it folks – the four judges for Indie Pattern Month! They’ll be picking who will go forward to the finals for each of the four contests – the final winners will then be chosen by you all through voting.

What will they be looking for when deciding who goes onto the voting round? Four key factors – garment quality, creativity, blog post quality, and photography.

Got any questions you’d like to ask them? Which of the things on their sewing lists do you want to see them make and blog about first? Do you think Mel will finish any of her to-do list this month? Tell us your thoughts below!




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  3. Yay! I reckon you all need to get your sew on, to get those outfits posted this month. Because, well you haven’t anything else to do apart from organise this whole month for us all 😉 Thanks guys, I know there’s a lot of hard work in this month. I’d just love to see one thing from all of you, there how’s that sound 😉


  4. So nice to meet you all!! You are all going to have a lot of sewing, reading, judging and hard decisions on your plates this month – by the time June finishes you’ll all need a holiday in fiji I think!! :o) Loved seeing your sewing lists and favs – thanks for sharing.


  5. I was just going to ask is it the Davie dress that Penny is wearing, then I saw your comment. I love it and totally understand why she loves them – it looks fantastic! I think Mel should make that pattern first, especially if it’s half sewn! Good luck to the judges… Yes, I think there should be a little competition of who achieves their goals!


  6. Interested in which patterns we’re wearing in this post? Mel is wearing the Deer & Doe Belladone. Kat is wearing the Clover from Papercut. Juliet is wearing the Muse Patterns Gillian dress. and Penny is wearing Davie by Sewaholic. 🙂

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