50p Duvet Ruby Dress!

Good evening fellow sewists!

I’m Gabby from www.livingonashoestring.net and this is my first TMS post! I’m so happy to start with Indie Pattern Month as I’m all about supporting the brilliant independent pattern companies who bring so much originality and inspiration to our wardrobes! I have been a big fan of Simple Sew patterns since my first issue of Love Sewing Magazine had the free ‘Bella Dress’ from them and it became an instant TNT for me so here is my version of the hugely popular Ruby Dress… I am in LOVE with this pattern – it could very well be my favourite yet!


Firstly the fabric… This was a double duvet cover for the amazing price of 50p at Kilburn Car Boot Sale and the moment I saw it I knew I wanted it to become a contrast colourway Ruby. I am especially happy with the contrasting facing matching the skirt! 🙂

The pattern… I downloaded the PDF of Ruby from the Love Sewing Magazine website as it was free for the week of GBSB final but I will buy it when it becomes available as a printed pattern again as I am appalling with sellotape and cutting paper straight – I had to guess quite a bit of the matching as there is an overlap on the printing (this might have been me though!) One thing I have to mention is one big thing to watch if you use this pattern is the attaching of the facing is written the wrong back round – it should be wrong side facing onto right side bodice – it felt wrong from the start but I carried on and that did it all again after a massive unpicking session. This is something I understand about indie patterns though – there might be the odd mistake as they grow and learn their craft and I am totally fine with that. As I am new sewer and learn just as much from making the mistakes with them! 😉

What I really love about Simple Sew is the patterns fit me to a tea – that makes me very happy as I’m still a bit scared of rearranging darts etc to get my fit! I cut between a 10 and 12 at the waist and went in for 10 for the rest using the size 12 on the darts which is spot on for me as I normally need to move down the chest darts. I used french seams (for the first time) on the shoulders and overlocked the sides and waist before sewing the seams. I also made the skirt a good 2 inches longer as I am allergic to short skirts! 😉

I’m really pleased this dress worked out so well as I am planning on wearing it for a lovely friend’s wedding in the south of France in a few weeks and Peonies are her favourite flowers so I can’t wait to wear this for it!

I have just got back from another car boot (and feeling a bit sunburnt!) – this time selling and I picked up another £1 duvet cover which is sure to become another Ruby!! 🙂

Thank you for reading – I can’t wait to share my next make with you as I have something special planned for separates week from a brand new pattern designer’s first pattern! Looking forward to seeing all your makes. Oh and do come say hello on my blog too!

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28 thoughts on “50p Duvet Ruby Dress!

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  3. Oh, I’m thrilled to see this pattern made up – I bought the magazine with the pattern in it because it looked so cool. Great job. Now I’m excited to make one too :o)


    • They are so easy to use and if you’re lucky enough to find a good king size one there’s plenty there for a few projects- win win! 😉


  4. Your dress looks great and it really suits you! Thanks for the link to the pdf file – I’ve been searching for this pattern for ages!


    • No problem – everyone should get a chance to try the dress! I’d love to see yours when it’s done! 🙂


    • Thanks Beth! It was love at first sight and I could hardly believe when the seller said 50p! There’s still 2 pillow cases and loads left so I might have to make it the opposite way too! 😉

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