Anna Dress

Hello again!

This is not the famous Anna dress from BHL, this is part of the new Summer collection from Schittchen, a Indie pattern company from Germany. I loved all the designs from this new collection, but the Anna dress was my favorite, I bought the pattern as soon as I received the newsletter announcing the new collection!

I already made the Sophie blouse and the Coco Jacket from this company, the drafting is great, but they only have text instructions, however, for a few patterns, they also have a photo tutorial on their website. Besides that, I highly recommend her patterns.

I have a resolution this year to only sew from my stash, and I had 2 meters of this beautiful, light, cotton fabric for ages, I was the perfect fabric for this fabric, with drape, but with some body as well. There are blue polka dots all over the pattern, but it´s hard to notice looking at the pictures.

This dress was a very easy make, I didn´t take more than 2 hours from start to finish. There is a center back seam and a loop closure, but I didn´t want to break the big print on my fabric, so I just used the front piece on fold twice. There are facings to finish the neckline, but I really dislike facings, so I finished the neckline with bias tape.

Since the front and the back are the same, I can wear it either way, I like the back as well.

Anna Dress back

I forgot to mention, this pattern comes with pockets!Its hard to see them, but they are there!

Anna Dress Pockets

These modifications turned the pattern into a one piece dress pattern, and I just love that! I can have a new dress in two hours! No zippers, buttonholes, or fitting required!

I made the biggest size, and I think the fitting at the bust is great, but the flare is really huge on this dress. For my next version, I will reduce the flare, and also the length, to be a little above the knee. I will also remove the pockets, just to make things even easier, haha! The sleeves were supposed to be longer, but I didn´t have enough fabric, so I had to shorten them, but now I like them this way, it makes it easier to wear a jacket on top.

What I like about this dress is that there is a lot of space for my bump to grow, so I might be able to wear it for the next few months.

I think this dress will become a favorite of mine in no time!

All the best from Brazil,


8 thoughts on “Anna Dress

  1. Love the fabric, it’s fantastic, it’s a nice little dress for summer. And it only takes about 2 hours, fantastic.
    Ahh yes Schnittchen patterns, I love her Coco Pattern, it’s a great little jacket for Spring or Autumn.


    • It is so easy I already started a new one, this time I am making a little experiment, using a fabric with more drape, let´s see how it goes…


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