Another Anna!

So here’s my second entry for IPM Dresses week; another Anna. Another Anna for me (I made my first for Solid Colours Month but it never got blogged, because, life) and another Anna for the competition. I’m sure if someone were to do a poll of the popularity of Indie Patterns Anna would come out on top by a mile and no wonder: it’s a straightforward and satisfying sew, clear instructions, works in a wide range of fabrics and seems to flatter everyone.


I found the fabric on the sale shelf at Spotlight for $6 a metre and loved the print. It’s a quilting cotton – I seem to have a thing for sewing dresses in red quilting cotton this month, after finishing Mum’s Betty earlier this week. No more quilting cotton for a while after this, I’ve told myself! We’ll see how that goes…there are so many fantastic prints out there!


I think I’ve finally mastered the invisible zip!


I decided to underline the whole dress in white cotton lawn, to make the print a bit brighter and also try a new technique. I had also planned to French seam the whole dress, until I stitched the shoulder seams and realised that with the double layer of fabric French seams would be too bulky. I really wanted the insides to be super neat, so I changed to lining the skirt instead of underlining (so all the seams are enclosed, rather than stitching the skirt and lining as one) and sandwiched the bodice between the skirt and lining so that the waist seam was enclosed. I bound the bodice side seams and skirt centre back seam with bias tape.



I hand stitched the armhole to the lining, so there’s no stitching visible from the outside:


I used bias tape on both the neckline and the hem, and hand stitched the insides to the lining.


I’m not convinced about the length of the skirt. I usually have to take several inches off the length of skirts so they hit right above my knee, but I haven’t taken anything off the length here. I figure if I decide I don’t like it I can easily take it up later, but it might be nice to have a skirt of a slightly different length in my wardrobe. What do you think?



I did make a few small modifications to the pattern: on my last Anna I moved the shoulders in about and inch and a half, as I find dresses seem to constantly slide off my shoulders. I’m thinking perhaps I need to grade down to a smaller size in the shoulders in future, as it’s not just this pattern that has had this issue. I think I could probably afford to take some width out of the top of the bust around the neckline as well next time as there seems to be a bit of extra fabric there.

I also dropped the top of the dart tucks by about an inch as they were sitting a little high on me in my other dress.

In summary:

Pattern: By Hand London Anna

Fabric: Quilting cotton from Spotlight – 2.5m @ $6pm = $15

Cotton lawn from stash

Notions: Bias tape $2, invisible zip $2.50 = $4.50

Total $19.50

I’m glad I finally got around to making this dress – I’ve been wanting to make another Anna for months!

Some outtakes to finish with; my little helper!




10 thoughts on “Another Anna!

  1. Thanks all! I shall pass the compliments on to my husband, the reluctant photographer! I don’t really have any good spaces for photographing my makes inside so I think there will be more farm themed backgrounds from me in the future!


  2. no wonder this is your favourite dress pattern, it looks superb on you. Very impressed with your sewing skills, its marvellously well made – good on you!


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