Fluttery Sewaholic Yaletown Dress

Hi everyone!  I’ve been a long-time lover of this page, but have only just worked up the courage to take pics of my own makes and share them here!

This is my Sewaholic Yaletown dress, sewn up in a vibrant poly satin.  I stumbled upon a 2 yard remnant in the sale pile of a local fabric store and had. to. have. it.  Huge butterflies and flowers on an orange background: what’s not to love?  I held onto this fabric for several months after buying it, though, as I was searching for the perfect pattern.  As you can tell, I found it!  The Yaletown dress is great for fun and flowy fabrics.

The pattern actually calls for 4 yards for the dress version, but I managed to fit it on 2 yards by omitting the belt and pockets.  I didn’t make a muslin, and simply sewed a straight size 12 with no alterations.  I figured the wrap bodice and elastic waist would be forgiving, and I was right.  I may play with the bodice length in the future, but I think the fit is great as is.

Even though this fabric is really slippery, it wasn’t too bad to sew with.  I used a shorter stitch length and adjusted the differential feed on my serger to avoid puckering.  Hemming was a dream because I used my serger to sew a rolled hem.  I thought it would be overly complicated, but I just followed the manual’s instructions (and played a little with the lower looper tension) and it was super easy!  I really like this finish, and will probably use it again on thin fabrics like this.  The narrow hem is why the skirt ended up so long, but I like it for now.  I figure I can always hike it up later if I need to.

In conclusion: I loooooove this dress!  It was so quick to make, too.  I started one evening and was done early enough the next day to run out with my sister to snap some photos in a park.  Time to go make about ten more versions!

Thanks for reading!  If you’d like, you can head over to my blog to see more!

16 thoughts on “Fluttery Sewaholic Yaletown Dress

  1. Wow! Perfect pattern and colour for you. It looks gorgeous and has made me look at this pattern in a new light.


  2. This is so lovely, the colour suits you and the details are beautiful. Having never sewn a rolled hem using my serger I was curious to know if you did the sleeve hems flat before attaching them, so you didn’t have a join in the hemming or did you do it in the round? And if so how do you hide the join of the serger stitching? Thanks 🙂


    • Hello! I actually constructed the whole dress before hemming anything, but it might have been easier to do it while flat if I had the foresight. The rolled hem overlaps a bit at at the underarm seam (for the sleeves) and the side seam (for the skirt). It’s not really noticeable, though, it just looks slightly thicker in those spots. I was worried it might unravel, but after pulling and tugging it still feels secure. I think the stitches are so tight and tiny that it will stay put. We’ll see after the first few washes, though!


  3. Wow I love love love your version of this dress! I hadn’t given much thought to the pattern before, but the fabric you’ve chosen and the way you wear it absolutely bring it to life! The colour is perfect on you too


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