Indie Pattern Month 2015: Dresses

Hello and welcome to my first blogpost!


Several months I have been following The Monthly Stitch, now in the indie pattern month I thought it was finally time to join them! So here is my first creation for this month.


The Details:
The indie pattern I used is the  Aydan Collarless Dress from Named. I like the collarless detail of the dress. A bit strange was the pattern size that I needed to use. It was 4 sizes bigger than I normally needed! But the centimeters were the same as the normal size that I use, so it fits perfectly.


The fabric I used is printed cotton, brought in a local store for just €5,- per meter.


I also made some pattern alterations. I was looking for a sleeveless dress to I decided to cut the sleeves off. I made the shoulder a bit smaller en the armholes are a bit more (how do I call this?) square form. In the picture below you can see how I alternated the pattern.


Overall I like my finished garment. I have worn it for two days now and have gotten a few compliments. It isn’t to fitted and the print is lovely for a sunny day. I like to combine it with biker boots of a pair of brown wedges. I also like the dress with a belt. When it becomes a bit cooler a leather jacket and legging also look nice 🙂 The dress lenght is perfect! Not too short not to long. Perfect to wear with non-stretch fabrics.

Sewing the dress was quite fun to do. The pattern was good but there weren’t that much instructions. Maybe because the difficulty of the dress is ‘easy’. I would recommend the dress, because the collar makes it really unique and the dress is fun to sew. I don’t know if I would make the dress again, but maybe when it becomes a bit colder outside I’ll try sewing it with sleeves!
Finised Aydan Collarless Dress!
The Dress! Looks so nice in the sunny light.
Back view
The collarless collar!

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