Swooning for Wendy…the Separates Comp. – an update

not so tired2(I am updating this post for the Separates Competition, because (as is my way), I didn’t read everything and didn’t realise that two garments needed to be made!

Luckily, I had the fabric and the need for another Swoon cardigan, in red 🙂

I never knew what TNT stood for until I started making multiples of certain patterns and then all became clear. As the ad for flyspray used to say, “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it” and so I have 🙂

The StyleArc Wendy Pants are my TNT for mid-rise trousers,  (this is my third pair) the fit is excellent and they are simple, coming together in a few hours (depending on how good I want my work to be).

I have modified the pattern in the following ways- added 4cm to the back rise as I don’t like the feeling of having to pull my pants up all day (!) and I have also taken about 5cm off each leg width, without altering the length of the waist band. I have gradually go used to wearing my long pants a bit slimmer, although I still prefer a wide leg in summer for coolness. To counteract further stretching in the future, I also sewed a hidden piece of elastic to the inner back waist pant elastic hidden2

this keeps the pants nice and firm around my derriere and as an added precaution, I extended the area of velcro so that the waist can be further tightened if needed pantsclosed  pants open


I have had this stretch, woven cotton sateen in my stash for a while, so I’m not sure where I got it from, but it behaved well in the making of these trousers, I truly think stretch woven is my favourite fabric to work with.

happy and tired2

The red Swoon Patterns cardigan (http://swoonpatterns.com/shop/scarf-neck-cardigan/)  is made in a 4 way stretch cotton jersey, a 1 metre remnant from Potters in North Perth. Actually when I saw it was only 1 metre my heart sank, this pattern calls for a bit more than that and I had a very definite idea as to how I wanted this to look. S000, creative alterations were required! I eliminated the side drapey panels and because I wanted the cardi to extend across my body to the opposite shoulder, I redrew the pattern to accommodate this change. The sleeves became two pieces with a cross-grain cuff and I think they worked well 🙂 I think I will probably end up cutting a bigger curve along the neckline as there is bunching I am not sold on, but on the whole it is a make I am happy with. tired2 Any comments on the shoes- I can never have enough pairs of red shoes and these are my absolute favourites, so quirky!

The tee shirt is a variation of Kwik Sew K3766 which I extended in length and then ruched to hide the wobbly tummy bits.

ADDIT: The links thingy isn’t working for me (I am using a very old operating system which could be the reason), but if you want to see my other two pairs of Wendys, they can be found at :


and Swoon cardi at:









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