Lace Sonja Dress

Hello! I’m Alicia, and I blog over at For Who It’s For. This is my first post here on TMS – I finally got things together just in time this week to post!

For the first week of Indie Pattern Month, I made the Sonja Dress from Salme Patterns. I downloaded it ages ago, but finally got around to making it up.

Both of the fabrics I used for this are of mystery origin from my stash. I love lace, but have never had any luck sewing it because of the need for an underlining. Fortunately I got it to work out this time!

Unfortunately, I didn’t really read the instructions before I started. If I had, I would’ve known to add a seam allowance. Since I didn’t, this initially turned out a bit too small, but luckily, I worked it out just in time!

I omitted the facings and finished instead with bias binding. I also inserted a couple of little darts under the armpits to fix the bust gaping.

Overall, this dress isn’t too shabby! I’ll probably make a couple of small adjustments to fit next time (pretty sure there will be a next time), but I’m happy to have a new lace dress in my wardrobe.

If you’re interested, you can read more about this dress here:

Thanks for having me, I can’t wait to participate in the next few weeks’ challenges!

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