Meet Georgia

Crikey!  Things are definitely hotting up on TMS this weekend!  My reader is full of amazing dresses, far too much inspiration for my brain to cope with!

Here’s my offering for the current challenge……….

Meet Georgia!

She really doesn’t need any introduction does she? Those wide straps give it away that’s she’s from the girls at By Hand London.  I’d seen some amazing versions last year when the the pattern was released and immediately bought the pattern, but then I’m ashamed to say I never quite got round to choosing any fabric to make it.

I’ve still not!  But I did make a muslin which has turned out to be the funkiest dress I’ve ever made- original, different, and not something I usually wear, but I love it!  her!

When I started to make the muslin I found an old pair of my hubbies jeans in my refashion box.  He’s buys a 35″ leg and has a 38″ waist so there’s plenty of fabric to work with!

None of the pattern pieces are particularly wide as the dress has princess seams so I was able to fit all of them on.  I tried to use opposite legs for each side of the dress to build some symmetry into it.

I added the trim just off centre to hide the jean’s original seam line.

As I said, it was only supposed to be a muslin.  I made it up, using part of a duvet cover that I had re-sized for the bodice.  It only just covered my bottom – I’d not added the lower panel at this point.  I added a zip, using one with metal teeth as it was the only long one in my stash long enough for the whole side seam (pre bottom panel).  I only basted it initially as I didn’t want to waste it on a muslin.  Once I realised how much it I loved it i added a panel below the denim to make it a wearable length.

Everything about making this dress just happened on it’s own – it just worked!  When I tried it on I couldn’t believe it fit so well and the denim and cotton went so well together.

I teamed it up with some gold sandals that my mum gave me as they were too small for her, I’d never worn them, but they just matched too!

I just love this dress!  I might even make another – when I get round to buying some fabric – or should I just have another rummage in refashion box!

For my next I’m tempted to add boning to the bodice if I make the wide strapped version again.  The wide straps hold up the dress, but there’s no support holding up the bodice part – except the wide straps pushing against it – hope that makes sense!  It does show how to add boning in the sewalong, as it’s needed for the strapless version, but I think for my this version would benefit from boning too.

Well, that’s it for now!  If you’ve enjoyed reading my post, it’s also on my blog HERE – please head over and say hello and see what else I’ve been up to!

Good luck everyone!

21 thoughts on “Meet Georgia

  1. Not sure this should work as well as it does, but I kinda love it, you crazy sew and sew!
    I also kinda love your expression in the picture where you’re showing off your zip.
    (And I thought you were carrying a hammer in the second picture down. I’ll just get me specs, shall I?)

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    • Haha! I’ve just spotted ‘the hammer’! Not noticed it before!
      It is weird how it just worked, I can’t wait to wear it for real, think it’d be good for bbq with friends on a hot day when you want to dress up but not wear a dress! I’ll wear hubbies jeans and my mother in laws duvet cover! 😃


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