Muse Natalie Dress – a Little Red Dress!

After filling the wardrobe gap of a LBD as my first garment for dresses week, my second garment is something I’ve wanted to make for ages – a little red dress! I’m always drawn to prints, but I wear solid colours way more often. I’ve already made a few solid colour knit Moneta dress that I wear all the time (here and here, with a third unblogged), so I knew that this would be a great wardrobe staple for me. Plus, I love red – it seems to work for all seasons and all occasions! I’m always super excited when there’s a new knit dress pattern out, especially if it’s by an indie pattern company. So, after making the top version of the Natalie top and dress by Muse Patterns and loving it, I knew that I wanted to make it as a dress. I’ll keep this short and sweet since I’m running out of time to post it for dresses week! I haven’t blogged about it yet on my own blog, but a post will be up soon with some more details and photos. I cut out a size 30, and the only alteration I needed was to shorten it. I shortened the skirt 2″, and I can’t remember how much I shortened the sleeves but it was an inch or two. The fabric is rayon jersey that I bought from Fabricana in Richmond, BC. It was on sale so I bought a few metres – I already made a top from it (so far unblogged), and I have enough for at least another top, possibly another dress. You don’t really need any special notions for this dress – only some woven fusible interfacing to stabilize the triangle insert, something to stabilize the shoulder seams (I used 1/4″ clear elastic) and a ballpoint needle for sewing knit fabric. Since I’m away from home again, I don’t have access to my mom’s serger anymore, so this was my first knit garment made entirely on a regular sewing machine. It went together more smoothly than I was expecting! The insides don’t look as professional as they would with a serger, but they’re still quite neat, and my gathering and my neckline actually look way better than on the version that I made on my mom’s serger. After sewing the seams with a narrow zigzag, I finished the seam allowances with a slightly wider zigzag wherever I thought they might roll. The local sewing store where I’m living for the summer didn’t have any ballpoint twin needles, so I just hemmed with a single line of narrow zigzag stitching. I actually quite like it – it’s very subtle, almost invisible in this fabric. There’s a bit of extra fabric bunching up at the back because of my swayback, but I think the only way to fix this would be to put in some sort of seam or some darts there. The only changes that I would make next time is to make the skirt a little more flared, to make it more bike-friendly (which might also solve the problem of the bunching in the back), and to add pockets! I usually add pockets to everything, but I completely forgot with this dress. Overall, I’m very happy with it! It’s very flattering and a nice change from the Moneta, which I’ve made lots of already. I’ve been really impressed with all the Muse Patterns that I’ve tried – the instructions and the drafting are great, and I really love the styles. I think I might try the Gillian wrap dress next! And oops, I just realized that I’m an hour past the deadline to post this. Oh well! If it’s not entered in the dresses contest that’s not a big deal – I’m just happy I have a great new dress!

Update: there are now a few more photos and details up on my blog here. Check it out if you like, and thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Muse Natalie Dress – a Little Red Dress!

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  2. Your gathering in that central panel is lovely! You know I still make most of my knit garments on my regular machine despite having an overlocker – I find I have more control. And it might be that I’m still a little scared by the unpredictability of my overlocker diff feed……


    • Thanks! I found the same thing actually – when I made a top from this pattern on my serger, the gathers came out kind of squished and uneven. The serger I used also wasn’t the greatest, so my stitches often broke. I find that my seams done with my regular machine are actually stretchier!


  3. That gathering is so neat! And the colour looks fab!
    I am do drawn to patterned fabric in the shops but it is the solid coloured clothes that I wear most too. I doesn’t seam as exciting buying the solids though! 😃


    • Thank you! I try to make myself buy more solids by treating myself to new sewing patterns instead… it sort of works! I can get a lot more excited about solid fabric when I have a great new pattern to make with it.

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