Myrtle Mash-up.

Hello, I’ve just discovered the monthly stitch, and at a wonderful time, Indie Pattern Month. I love Indie patterns and they are what I use for most of the clothes I sew for myself and my children.

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The pattern I used for my Dress is a mash-up between the Colette Pattern’s Myrtle and See Kate Sew’s Zippy Top.  However the DNA of this dress is mostly the Myrtle. The skirt and pockets are from Myrtle and the top is from the Zippy.  I used the myrtle bodice to determine the length of the zippy bodice, as I like where the waist elastic hits on my body. This is the third Myrtle I’ve sewn and I only changed the top so I didn’t end up with a wardrobe full of cowl neck dress.  Although, that wouldn’t be so bad, since I love the Myrtle.

This is the first Colette pattern I’ve tried.  I brought the pattern from Dresses and Me and although I dislike the tissue pattern, I love the instruction booklet and packaging.  The instructions are fab and I didn’t deviate from them (as I often do with other patterns).  My next knit dress is going to be a Moneta, I already have the fabric set aside.

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Thank goodness for pockets, stops you from looking too awkward while “posing”.

My previous Myrtles have all been cut straight XL, without any modifications to the pattern fit.  The only change I’ve made is to add a back seam to the bodice so that it doesn’t have to be cut on the fold, hence saving fabric.  This version was also an XL skirt with no modifications.

The Zippy top is XL with a .5 inch FBA (so that it fit better in woven fabrics) and I omitted the zip.  I ditched the neck facings and opted for a neck band similar to a bias facing and finished all the hems with my double needle (until it broke, whooops)

DSC03494 2

I got this rayon knit from Spotlight and had enough for this dress and a matching one for my daughter out of 2.5 meters.  I chose this fabric because I couldn’t go past the color.  The feel is also beautiful, very soft and draped wonderfully.

PicMonkey Collage

3 year olds know how to pose!

I know this dress and other Myrtles look great belted, but I generally end up ditching the belt after 5 mins due to comfort (or lack thereof!) so I kept my photos true to the way in which I’ll be wearing it.  I’ll be wearing this to work with a cardi or coat and boots this winter, and rocking it in Flip flops this summer.

DSC03509 2

So that’s my Franken-Myrtle, Zippy Mash-up.

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  1. Looks like you have chosen a perfect fabric for the pattern – it sits really nicely and looks great on you. Cute mini-me too (did you use a pattern for your daughters dress?)


  2. Congratulations on such a beautiful dress. The fit is really spot on. The fabric is lovely too, it is not always easy finding good fabric at Spotlight! Your daughter is so cute, I bet you get lots of comments when you go out together in matching dresses!

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